5 Ways to Make the Most of a Road Trip

Setting out, the open road stretching into the distance, in search of a glorious destination the thought of boredom rarely crosses the excited traveler’s mind. Eventually though, no matter how how gorgeous the scenery, everybody can succumb to boredom after long hours in the car. In my experience, having interesting ways to keep yourself and your fellow travelers occupied keeps the trip enjoyable and relaxed. So, whether headed across the country or just a few hours away, stay entertained and productive using these five tips.

Our Scotland road trip

1) Create- Use your time in the car productively. I always bring along knitting or crocheting projects. This is an awesome hobby to have when you just want to enjoy the quiet and keep your hands and mind busy in addition to making excellent gifts! If you’d like to learn how, tutorials are readily available online. I found YouTube and my mother to be the best source when I was first learning!

Crocheting on an 18 hour drive

2) Read- For those who don’t struggle with motion sickness, reading is an excellent use of time on the road. Catch up on classics or dive into a book about your destination. On our cross-country road trip, we will be reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. For those who do suffer from motion sickness or just prefer an alternate to reading, audio books are a wonderful way to pass the time and can be borrowed from your local library. Be sure to download your favorite songs and podcasts to stay entertained along the way. Spotify premium allows you to download your favorite playlists so you can listen on the road.

Reading on a bus in New Zealand

3) Listen- If you’re not traveling solo, take the time to listen and invest in your road trip partners. My hubby and I compete to tell childhood stories that we’ve never told each other before. There are many interesting topics to discuss life goals, politics (discretion strongly advised), memories, dreams, everything.


4) Learn- The Great Courses  are an excellent resource. They can be downloaded and include lecture’s from the world’s greatest professors. Informational podcasts and audio books are another great source for learning. Of course, you should always take time to sit back and learn from the world around you. Look out your window and observe.

Scene captured from a bus in New Zealand

5) Enjoy the Journey- RoadTrippers  is a great resource for staying off the beaten bath and locating roadside attractions. Discover wonders along the way such as museums, parks, and oddities like the world’s largest ball of twine! When my mother took my five siblings and I on a cross-country road trip, she used the AAA guidebooks to discover glorious caves, gigantic train sets, the Wall Drug store, and an incredible wax museum. The glory of road trips is the flexibility to pause and explore along the way.

A bull approaches our car in Scotland

6) Bonus Tip- Food! Dining out, enjoying local cuisine, exploring farmers markets, lingering in small coffee shops… these are all incredible ways to enjoy your time on the road and to dive into the local culture!

Always stay well fueled!

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